The Secret of Karma and Creation of Destiny From Sound and Light To You

Golden Bilva Leaves

‘Your destiny is written in your brain’
~ Popular Indian Adage

Arunagiri NatharThere is a popular saying in India that your destiny is written in your brain. Arunagiri, a celebrated Muruga saint says that his destiny got erased by Muruga stepping on his brain. It is a profound truth. Everything – energy, consciousness and matter – are all created by the alphabets and the sounds that are attached to it. If you know the science of alphabets and the sounds one will become omnipotent and omnipresent. This is the foregone conclusion of the ancient yogis of India who were determined to lead a life without limitation, without disease, old age and death.

It is important for everyone to know how the alphabets and sounds create and control our destiny day by day or even minute by minute. First you have to know that there are 51 of those alphabets, or sounds, that govern both consciousness (energy and matter). Once you are in tune with the alphabets and sounds you can re-organize your destiny. Traditionally constant chatting of the sounds has been used as a method to access the power behind the mantras.

Dr. Pillai has designed yet another powerful method to use the sound waves and alphabets with the help of Golden Bilva Leaves. If you speak one time a mantra or sound to a Golden Bilva Leaf, it will multiple by 1000 times or more. Through the use of the Golden Leaves one can easily master the 51 sounds or alphabets in relatively a small amount of time.

Gold Leaves to Change Your Destiny

Gold VilvaTo this purpose we have come up with this offering of Golden Bilva Leaves with a chart containing the 51 sounds for daily use. When Shiva danced, in His form of Nataraj, he used a special drum. From the drum emerged the sounds and the alphabets.

The Secrets of Chidambaram
On Maha Shivaratri, March 2nd, IST, the Golden Leaves will be energized at the Chidambaram temple, the pre-eminent vortex / temple for the alphabets and sounds. Chidambaram is the temple for the Dancing Shiva- Nataraj. To the right of the Dancing Shiva in this most sacred inner sanctum is a shrine where 51, 22-Carat Gold Leaves reveal these secrets of the alphabets. Only a few times a day do the priests remove the screen which covers them for public viewing and darshan (blessings).

This offering is designed to replicate Chidabaram’s 51 gold leaves. It is the only place in the world where they exist and we will be energizing your gold leaves at this sacred vortex.

Dr. Pillai has also instructed sets of 9 (for the 9 Planets) and 27 (for the 27 Nakshatras) be created in addition to the holy and powerful set of 51.


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