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ALL NEW Parrot Astrology
“A Little Birdie Told Me!”


Does a little green bird really possess the special sensory power to foretell your future?

Parrot Astrology is an intriguing blend of science, skill, and mysticism practiced only by skilled astrologers who are gifted with the extra power of predicting your future.

Little BirdieThe origin of the Parrot Astrology dates back to the ancient Indian traditions and today is widely mastered in the Southern regions of India-Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Parrot Astrologers are the fortune tellers who interpret your future with the help of a parrot. The parrot picks up a card from the deck of cards and gives it to the astrologer who in turn, interprets the card in detail to you according to the 3 Questions that you ask. The deck is not an ordinary deck but neither is it any familiar tarot type. The card is picked particularly by the parrot and contains meaningful messages for your life.

Unconventional, Unexpected, Unbelievable!

It may seem like a novel act at first however, the messages that come to you from the card, chosen for you by the parrot, may hold the hidden clues you’ve been searching for. Ask 3 Questions and let the Parrot Astrologer decipher the messages of the match of you card and your basic info. You’ll see it is more than a side show.

Another Mystery of the East is Now Available to the West

Parrot Astrology hasn’t been popularized in the west and you may never have heard of such an approach to divine messaging. Previously only a phenomenon of South India, Parrot Astrology could only be experienced when you happened by one of these Road Side Prophets. Now there are no geographical or language barriers to stand in the way of accessing and experiencing this authentic marvel right in your home, right at your computer.

With the innovation of Online Parrot Astrology, you can witness our parrot and the selection process through the deck and picking out your lucky card that holds the future. Trust the parrot to choose the correct card for you that gives you the clues to unravel the mysteries in all the spheres of your life – Career, Love, Finance, Health etc…



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