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The Moon and Stars Affect The Mind

The Moon is the mind.
The mind is the seat of all thoughts. 

A peaceful mind has peaceful thoughts.
A disturbed mind has disturbed thoughts.

‘Lunacy’ is the term for the Moon’s affect on our minds. You have at least 2 ‘Lunatic’ Chandra Ashtama Days and 1 ‘Stellar’ Birthstar Day per month*. Be alert to the ‘Moona-tic’ days to minimize the negative effects and catch your Star to maximize your Personal Star Power.

*Based on the 27 Nakshatra Cycle and 1 month can consist of 28, 30, or 31 days

Lunatic Chandra Ashtama Days, Personal 8th Moons:

Chandra AshtamiChandra Ashtama literally means “Eighth Moon“. The Moon takes 2.25 days to cross one Zodiac Sign. Chandra Ashtama refers to the time when the Moon traverses a Zodiac Sign which is 8 Houses away from your natal Moon sign. It is simple to calculate. Look at your chart and where your Moon is placed. For example, the sign of Taurus. Taking Taurus as 1, count 8 Houses clock-wise and you will find that Sagittarius is the Chandra Ashtama sign for Taurus.

This means for those born with Moon in Taurus and the Birthstars (Nakshatras) of Krittika, Rohini or Mrigasira, when the Moon enters into Sagittarius each month, those individuals will be under the influence of the “8th Moon” for 2.25 days.

This Chandra Ashtama time means your mind enters an uncertain state of insecurity and worry. The Moon in the 8th House means obstacles, death/rebirth and mystical experiences.

This cannot be easily detected and diagnosed with ordinary physiological or psychological testing however the affliction does show a some levels of your personality.

The Moon will induce more negative thoughts in you, disturb your mind, confuse you, and stress you leaving you depressed and anxious:

    • Decisions made on these days are like to be emotionally based and will likely lead to losses, more stress and worry.


    • The things you do on these days, because of insecurity, more likely result in failure. Your negative approach on matters means you lose your presence of mind.


  • The people with whom you interact will appear to be a rival and antagonistic with the intention to ruin your happiness. This is not the truth, but your altered state of mind will not see clearly. Discussions started smoothly will result in a quarrel.

It is strongly recommended that you control your Chandra Ashtama days otherwise not meet with significant people, make important decisions or start any new activity on this day.


Personal Star Power Days, Birthstar Days:

Your Birthstar is the constellation the Moon was in, at the time of your birth. It is an important key in Vedic Astrology, as it gives a very unique profile of how your mind works. It will be a key indicator of how your good days and bad days will be; it will affect how planetary influences unfold in your life, and are used in compatibility analysis.

On your Birthstar day, the Moon imparts influences that can make you detached and energized. It is a personal day of power for you as the Moon returns to the position it was on the day you were born. Some say that your souls incarnate through a star. With the Moon aligned on your star, your soul is imbued with confidence and surety.


Any prayers or rituals on this day give you a further boost of clarity, detachment and empowerment to make the right decisions in your life.

The Birthstar Pooja is done to your Birthstar (Nakshatra) and is considered as a special Birthday ritual. The day your birth star rules, can be a day of power and divine blessings for you. The Birthstar Pooja will invoke these blessings for your success, to negotiate the world, both on a spiritual and a material level.

Know your Birthstar and be observant and vigilant on those days. Go inside and connect to your origin star and enjoy more harmony and understanding of your character.



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