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About Nadi Astrology or Naadi Astrology

Did you ever know that some form of Indian astrology, keeps a track of your past, present and future life? If not, then this is the right time, you know about it. It is called “The Nadi Astrology“, which was written by great saints, called the “siddhas”. You could wonder, as to how these siddhas would have known about your life, but it is true that, they were somehow related to a few of you in your past lifetime (Poorva Janma). It is really amazing to know that, leaves are not only found for Indian residents, but also for foreigners, and other nationals belonging to different religions and creeds.

History of Nadi Astrology or Naadi Astrology

Nadi leaf The History of Nadi astrology can be traced back to over 2000 years and above. It is said that, siddhas were a group of mysterious people (they could appear in different forms at different places also), who were great preachers of God. Lord Shiva, pleased with their devotion, granted them with incredible special powers, to predict the past, present, and future of a person. Thus, these siddhas engraved their predictions onto palm leaves, called “Nadi leaves”. It is interesting to know that, not everyone has a Nadi leaf, predicting their lifetime events. Only if you were related to these saints in your poorva janma, the siddhas would have written a Nadi leaf for you!

About Nadi leaves

The Nadi leaves were engraved in Sanskrit, the mother of all languages. The King of Tanjore, Serfoji II, was a true patron of art and sciences. So, he stored these palm leaves in his palace’s library, called the “Saraswathy Mahal”. He also had them translated into ancient Tamil scripts, called “Vatellethu”. It so happened that, the British acquired possession of these leaves during their rule, and later sold them to a few families through auctions. These families have carefully preserved the Nadi leaves, awaiting their moment of rendezvous with the intended recipients.

Why Nadi Readers?

There are only a few Nadi readers, who can interpret the ancient Tamil language engraved on the nadi leaves, in a poetic form. It is said that, Nadi reading is a secret art that has been passed over from generations to generations. This art is not exposed to the common public. The present Nadi readers got trained from their elders and forefathers, to understand this specialized language.

You can find Nadi readers at Vaitheeswaran Koil, a famous temple in Southern India (located near Chidambaram), which is the nerve center for Nadi reading. Here Lord Shiva is said to have assumed the role of a doctor (vaidhya; thus called Vaitheeswaran), who solved the miseries of his devotees. Even though this place is surrounded by other significant temples, the entire village reverberates with the ancient heritage of wisdom.

Not every Nadi leaf is comprehensive or legitimate, so it is important to be choosy about the source. Dattatreya Siva Baba works with the Nadi readers, who belong to the fertile soil for Nadi Astrology. Dattatreya Siva Baba guarantees the authenticity and integrity of the readers, and the Nadi leaves, used by Astroved.

Dattatreya Siva Baba’s Role

After twenty years of meticulous research, Dattatreya Siva Baba has discovered a combination of Nadis, which are genuine, accurate and reliable. At Astroved, every Nadi reading starts with an introduction of a dialogue, between Lord Shiva and his spouse Parvathi, who are said to be very skillful at yogic arts. Following this is the MahaShiva Sukshma Nadi reading, the greatest of all Shiva Nadis, that contains minute details about every aspect of human life. It is noticeable that, this Nadi predicts your life, on a basis of every two years; whereas, the other Nadis usually predict your life only for every five years or so. If your leaf is not available in this category, we possess other leaves owned by memorable saints like Visvamitra, Bogar and Pulipani.

The most significant features of Nadi astrology are the remedies that are available, to remove all the sins you committed in your past life, which might have an impact on your present life. Dattatreya Siva Baba insists that the individuals should perform these remedies, in order to solve the problems in their present lives.

It is a very interesting fact that, thumb prints are of 108 types, and every human’s thumbprint will vary, but will match with one from the group of 108. Thus, with the help of your thumbprint, the astrologer can identify your Nadi leaf containing predictions about your destiny, previous incarnations, and remedies to your sins. On performing these rituals and remedies, as said by Dattatreya Siva Baba, one’s destiny can be altered into a happy one!

Do Remember

Dattatreya Siva Baba states that, you should not only discover your destiny, but reconstruct a splendid life by performing the remedies mentioned. To repeat, Dattatreya Siva Baba personally guarantees the authenticity of the Nadis used at Astroved.

How would you get started?

You have two options for your Nadi reading:

1. Either coming to Astroved in person.

2. Using our efficient online service through “Skype”

However, the first option will prove to be better, to perform the remedies that your Nadi prescribes for you. You are the best person to clean up your own mess!

If you cannot travel in person,

you have an option of receiving your Nadi reading through Skype. A certain procedure is followed for this option:

1. Faxing your “Thumb print”, with your email address and user ID. On receiving it, we will mail you, confirming upon your convenient time, to provide online answers to our questions, through “Skype” (the link to the software will also will be sent to you, making your job even easier). It is enough if you just answer “YES/NO” to our questions. We ensure you that the distance will not be a barrier, and you will have a feeling of being present in person.

2. As the second step, we will locate your two remedial chapters (13 and 14), which will help in prescribing, the exact rituals you should perform to remove the sins you have committed in your past life, and will also help to achieve your targets of the present life. Subsequently, you can also request for additional chapter readings on concerned areas of life, like career, business, family, marriage, health issues etc.

This is a golden opportunity to make your life worth living it! Witness all the remarkable and dramatic changes of life, feel the difference! This science has assured thousands of people all over the world, with peace and prosperity. Do you think you should miss it out?

So what are you waiting for? Return to us, your completed questionnaire and thumbprint, and follow the remedial measures recommended for you, for a great life ahead. To live is to grow, and to grow is to prosper. Let you prosper!

Nadi Astrolgy or Naadi Astrology or Naadi Josiyam : Search your leaf

nadi leaf
To help us search your Nadi leaf, please go through the procedure below.

The First Step

The first step to the Nadi reading process will be to identify your Nadi leaf. To help us identify the leaf, Astroved provides you with two convenient options:

1.Online option/ Skype

Faxing your “Thumb print”, with your email address and user ID. On receiving it, we will mail you, confirming upon your convenient time, to provide online answers to our questions, through “Skype” (the link to the software will also will be sent to you, making your job even easier). It is enough if you just answer “YES/NO” to our questions. We ensure you that distance will not be a barrier, and you will have a feeling of being present in person.

2.Offline option/Proxy

Mailing a copy of your thumb print along with the downloaded order form, through a reliable mail or postal service. Once we receive it, a proxy will be appointed for you. We will make sure that only the proxy has the information you provided, and definitely not the astrologer. Now, the astrologer will identify a leaf, and read out information (your name, your parent’s, spouse’ and sibling’s, your profession, religion etc) from that leaf, for which the proxy will just give a “YES/NO” (with the help of the information you provided). This will ensure that the leaf belongs to you, and we can further proceed with the reading. Followed by this, the general chapter (chapter 1) will be sent to you (in the form of an audio tape (English or Tamil), or written English script etc.)

The Second Step

Once your Nadi leaf is identified, you can know everything about your future destiny. You can also obtain subsequent chapter readings about your profession and career, financial issues, relationships, health issues, and so on. Most importantly, you can receive chapter readings, on your past life sins, and its current impact on your present life. The Nadi author will prescribe remedies or rituals that you should perform at certain temples in India. After you perform the remedies, you can remove the hurdles from your life, and feel the difference!

The Third Step: Chapter Details

Nadi Chapters

Chapter 1 – The General Chapter

The general chapter helps identify your personal details, like your name, your parent’s, and your spouse’. The chapter also comprises of general predictions for the rest of your life. Reading of this chapter is considered to be mandatory.

Chapter 2

This chapter describes about the possessions you have acquired; your financial potential, family, education, and even about your health issues.

Chapter 3

This chapter identifies your nature of relationship with your siblings (affection, ill feeling etc), the number of siblings you possess, your nativity, and about your sensory organs too!

Chapter 4

This chapter contains information about your parents, house, vehicle, lands and pleasures you have in your possession.

Chapter 5

This chapter recites about your children, their birth and a part of their future too. Reasons for not having children will also be quoted, with appropriate remedial measures for having children.

Chapter 6
This chapter describes about your diseases, debts, enemies and legal issues, and their remedies.

Chapter 7

This chapter tells you about your marriage, the period of your marital life, and the reasons for delay in your marriage; and its remedies. Also the name of your bride or bridegroom, along with their planetary positions in the horoscope (lagnam), physical characteristics, occupation, religion, directions and distance of residence of the bride or bridegroom is foreseen.

Chapter 8

This chapter confirms about your longevity, mishaps in your life, and the exact details of your age of death, month, date, day, year, time, star, lagnam and place.

Chapter 9

This chapter contains relevant information about your father, his possessions in the form of wealth and spiritualism, fortune, and philanthropic activities.

Chapter 10

This chapter tells you about Profession-future predictions regarding career or business, change of place, ups and downs in profession.

Chapter 11

This chapter summarizes about profits you are about to attain, chances of entrepreneurship and second marriage.

Chapter 12
This chapter briefs you about your expenditures, foreign travels, next birth (incarnation), and attainment of salvation.

Chapter 13 (Shanthi)

Reading chapter 13 is highly recommended. It guides you on the sins you had committed in your previous or significant births, and its impact on your current life. The Nadi author prescribes you with remedial measures, to overcome the past sins you committed, so that you can achieve your life’s goals. These remedies include rituals at temples, feeding the poor, and other such activities. For Nadi reading, you will be charged, and the fee you pay will be considered as “Nadi staff facilitation charges”. It is said that even the amount of fee appears on the palm leaf. As a special attention to our clients, and to guide you through the process, Astroved appoints a proxy (chargeable) for you, to travel along with you to all the temples, the Nadi reader has prescribed for your remedies. We will also send you a picture of the temple or the deity of the temple, so that you can experience the vibrations of the power spot (temple).

Chapter 14 (Raksha)

Reading chapter 14 is also highly recommended. The chapter identifies the current negative influences due to unfavorable planetary positions, and casting of evil eyes by jealous people, which are the prime reasons for the crisis or obstacles in your life. The Nadi author will give you long-term remedial measures; to overcome the problems of the present life and for the future too. Based on the instructions, we will arrange a daily pooja that will be performed for you by sanctified priests from 48 days to 1 year, depending on the time specified in your reading. Along with the daily pooja, you will have to chant a mantra or hymn to rectify the current problems. You will also receive an explanation of the mantra, and a picture of the divine being who governs the mantra, and sacred ash (Vibhoothi).

At the completion of the pooja, you will receive a copper plate (Raksha plate) along with an instructional manual for the do’s and don’ts. These mantras are meant for energizing the copper plate.


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